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Monday, March 19, 2012

Indoor Air Show

I only know one trick when it comes to origami and tonight I taught it to the kids. An hour (and half a ream of paper) later our lounge, dining and bed rooms resembled a miniature Heathrow Airport with all planes grounded. This analogy only works if you imagine all the planes made out of paper.

There were paper planes everywhere.

Which was fine with me because I was playing Pop Star on my iPhone.

It didn't last.

Me & my ticket.
"Dad, here's your ticket," said Master6.

"What? Hey. Thanks."

"Dad, you haven't taken it off me yet."

"What? Hey. Thanks."


Seems Tracey and I were invited to an airshow in their bedroom. Miss8, Master6 and Miss4 had set up tests of skill and daring, each involving tossing their planes as hard and fast as they could and, as it turns out, trying to hit cushions, the ceiling, books and, it ultimately transpired, the head of their long suffering father.

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