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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lead The Way

It takes a better person to admit they're wrong and change their opinion, right?

That's the way I'm going anyway.

Tracey and I have always been dead against those dog leads for kids (you know the ones disguised as backpacks) because we felt embarrassed for the little kids forced to wear them, and thought they looked demeaning.

Well not anymore.

Miss2 has set herself apart from her five older siblings by hitting the terrible two's while still two, instead of waiting until she was three like the rest of them. Unfortunately, (and this isn't a medical diagnosis, merely our observations) this has meant her brain is a full year less developed and she's full of dumb.

At school with Tracey on Monday, picking up Master6, Miss8 and Miss4, Miss2 refused to stay with Tracey and made a game of racing off. As Tracey was cradling Miss0 at the time, and it was wet, this became a little difficult to choreograph.

Ultimately, while chasing after Miss2 Tracey slipped on wet ground and nearly took her and Miss0 on a trip. 

So now Miss2 has her own dog lead. We're not the best pet owners in the world but we're hoping to teach her tricks like heal and sit and stay.

Time to revisit some Supernanny episodes I think. And if that doesn't work I guess we'll watch the Dog Whisperer.

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Anonymous said...

I was the same! And now I've also got one for some occasions... My little girl is 22 months and it is very very hard to get her to stay with me if we're not doing the usual car-to-Coles trip... Better safe I say!
Poor Tracey, she must have been scared of your Miss2 running under a car. Glad everyone's safe!

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