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Friday, March 30, 2012

Mother's little helper

An actual re-enactment of the event
Miss2 has been really enjoying having a little sister to annoy her mother with.

Whenever anything resembling the slight cry or grunt issues from Miss0's mouth, Miss2 will run up to Tracey yelling "BABY!" and demand Tracey accompanies her back to the cot to deal with the noise. Then she'll leave Tracey and Miss0 alone to work things out and she'll race off to another room to pull everything out of the wardrobes and draws.

As with her older siblings at this age, we bought Miss0 a baby doll so she could imitate Tracey when she feeds and looks after Miss0. Things like when Tracey changes a nappy, Miss2 cleans her dolls bum with the nappy wipes.

Miss2 sleeps with her baby doll and has baths with her baby doll. She loves it. She even attempts to breast feed her baby doll.

But sometimes she forgets which is her toy and which is her Mum's.

At home with our two youngest today, Tracey had Miss0 resting in the bouncinette in the lounge room while she worked her magic in the kitchen.

She hadn't been out of the room five minutes when she heard Miss2 walk up behind her saying, "Mum. Mum. Mum! Mummy! Mum!! MUM!" with increasing distress.

Turning around she found baffled looking Miss0 trussed roughly in Miss2's arms. Miss2's face bore a look of, 'well I've brought her this far, now what the hell do I do with her.'

Tracey quickly bent down and saved Miss0 from being strangled and, her work done, Miss2 ran off to empty some draws.

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Vee said...

Ahh yes... I had Miss6 and Miss4 doing that with Master1... Thankfully 12 months later, they know how to carry miss0 relatively safely and she is not succumb to almost choking or being dropped on her head like her brother was.

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