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Monday, March 12, 2012

KIVA - FREE TRIAL (limited trials, so be quick)

Here's an opportunity to try out the KIVA way of helping people without laying down a cent of your own money.

KIVA is about giving people a hand, not a hand out. 

KIVA is an organisation which seeks to help less fortunate people by lending them money so they can improve their businesses and situations. It helps people by giving them an opportunity to buy stock, or seeds, or sewing machines, or bike taxis, or material, or tools, or cattle, or pigs, or building materials. 

We've helped people in 16 countries, from Uganda to Honduras, from Mongolia to Ukraine, from Peru to the Philippines.

And it feels great to help, I assure you.

KIVA is involved in microfinance, giving many people an opportunity to access a loan where, due to the small amounts of money they're looking for, they wouldn't necessarily be granted one by the conventional banking system.

With KIVA, you don't donate money and hope it gets to where you wanted it to go. YOU choose who you lend it to. And when it's repaid, you can lend it out again. We've put just under $200 into our KIVA account and we've made 24 x $25 loans over a couple of years. That's $600 worth of help we've given with the same $200.

So if you think this sounds like the sort of thing you might like to be involved in, click on the link below and check it out.

It really is a wonderful experience to help these people so directly. 

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