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Friday, March 23, 2012

Go To Bed

The recent reshuffle of beds and cots has left us a little short of beds here in Devereauxville. With Tracey not having worked for four months, and all the kids' piggy banks empty bar buttons, we turned to our good friends at St Vincent De Paul.

I've been opp-shopping since my late teens. I remember on the back of a hot tip making a road trip up to Toowoomba with a mate looking for trenchcoats when I was 19. We didn't find any, but we picked up some other great stuff including a novelty tea pot for my mate's novelty tea pot collection (yes, you read that correctly) and some cherry Doc Martin boots for me. I've been a big fan ever since.

So when we needed to replace Miss17's bunk and find a bed for Miss2's mattress, Tracey headed over to see what was on offer at the local St Vinnies.

We didn't need mattresses - we insist on new ones for our lovelies. 

One of the best things about buying from Vinnies in G-town is they deliver for free. Not only deliver, it turns out, but in the case of these beds they assemble them as well. And slot them right into the bedrooms where we want them.

Initially Tracey was looking at two spring frames for $60 but after a quick discussion over the phone we decided to spend an extra $40 and buy slat beds. Plus we're putting money in the coffers of a worthy institution. 

But the best thing was the beds matched our existing ones! 

So for a total of $100 ($50 a bed) delivered, we solved our sleep problems. 

Well, one of them. Keeping Miss2 in her bed at night is a whole other issue.

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