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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We all know Uno

A family night tonight - we pulled out the Uno cards and sat around the coffee table. It was a heap of fun, but unfortunately Miss4 wasn't quite up to speed with the whole concept.

Or maybe she was. She went from five cards in her hand to two by the time the first turn came around to her go.

"Where are your other cards?" I asked her.

Eventually we found them under her bum. After fruitless attempts to get them back into her hand we gave up. Life's too short and bedtime was one win away.

Miss4 placed her second last card on the pile, a Wild card, giving her the chance to change the colour.

"Yellow," she said. It's her favourite colour in all the world.

Looking over her shoulder, Tracey said, "You don't have any yellow cards, sweetie. You only have a red card. You need to choose red."

"I want yellow."

"But you have red."


"But you don't have yellow, sweetie."

"I WANT YELLOW!!" she screamed. So we played on with yellow.

Needless to say, she didn't win.

Miss8 did. After they'd gone to bed we found two of her cards under the coffee table. I think we need go over the rules again.

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Sarah said...

Have you ever played Psycho Uno? It's really for teens and up - there are a heap of other rules, like talking turned on and off when a four is played (and a card picked up for every word spoken when it is off), another number means you have to pass your hand to the left, and another means you can choose someone to swap with. There's a number of other rules (you can find variations online) and it is a LOT of fun with heaps of laughs!

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