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Monday, May 14, 2012

Brothers & Sisters

I'm the oldest of three. As you can see from this photo, I had
great legs and my posture is beautiful. Shame I look like I've
just stepped out of a closet. Kerri has an Abba-inspired outfit but
Shane is letting us down. A T-shirt. What was he thinking?
And barefoot to boot.
Sharing a room with a younger sibling can be frustrating, but also lots of fun. Our oldest two shared for years before finally being allotted a space of their own. They never seemed to mind though. Neither do our youngest, who are currently split between two rooms - in fact they frequently request to all 'sleep over' in each others' bedrooms for fun.

A friend of Tracey's grew up sharing a room with her little brother, which meant long after their parents had put them to bed she could get in the last word.

"It's your birthday tomorrow," she told her little brother one night. "I wonder what you'll get?"

So did her little brother. Sleep is pretty elusive when you've a head full of potential new toys. Finally her little brother dropped off to sleep. And in the morning.....

Their mum came in and woke them up, demanded they get up and then promptly left the room. No singing of happy birthday, no presents and no birthday hugs and kisses. In short, worst birthday morning greeting ever.

"You don't love me!" he called after his mum and started to cry. I mean, what mother would forget or ignore her own child's birthday?

Well, not his one. Turns out it wasn't the little fella's birthday after all - his big sister was just having some fun.

I wonder how much longer it was before they got their own rooms.

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