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Sunday, May 20, 2012

For a spell

"Okay kids," I snapped, "the place is finally tidy and Mum's having a nap. I want you to play quietly and keep things neat for her." I knew I had no chance, but throwing it out there makes me feel like I tried.

"Dad, you know what will be quiet and won't make a mess?" asked Master7 eagerly.

"Let's see. Knowing you, it's got two letters - I'm guessing the first one is a D and the second one is an S. Am I right?"

"Maybe," he grinned at me. Master7 can't get enough of his DS console. We make sure of that.

"Well, my answer has two letters," I told him. "Can you guess what they are?"

"Umm, N and O?"

"That's right. Now go outside and play."

"I've got two letters for you, Dad," he called back over his shoulder. "O and K."

I wanted to say I had two letters for him, P + O, but I held it in. Good parenting is all about restraint. Besides, he was long gone.

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