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Monday, May 21, 2012

A tissue, a tissue

 Miss8 &  Master7  in the wonderfully festy hamster balls

A big positive for going to the show every year is the opportunity for our kids to catch the latest assortment of colds and flues - preferably all at the same time so the sleepless nights and bucket duties are confined to a couple of weeks instead of a couple of months.

This year, rather brilliantly, there was a new 'ride' for the kids: inflatable plastic balls. We waited until the second night to make sure they were good and full of sneezed up bugs, then we shoved them in.

Then we put them in a second time for good measure.

And we've done it! The show has been a HUGE success - already we've had three kids down with a wog and another of them is on the fringe. There are buckets and Tupperware bowls all over the house, and temperatures are soaring despite the nip in the air. Fortunately, to help keep them occupied, they've got their showbags full of goodies to play with, so everyone's happy.

Snotty noses are a truly beautiful thing. This week. Next week I won't be quite as chipper.

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