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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Tracey put this collage of today together, so naturally
she hardly features in it at all. Or maybe that's because
she spent most of today in bed or sipping tea.
Having taken on all of Tracey's usual duties for today I'm afraid I don't have time to sit down and write too much.

Around here, Mother's Day isn't so much about telling Mum she's special (we do that all the time), it's about living a day in my wife's shoes and understanding how being a mother is hard. At least that's my roll. The kids' roll is to follow me around all day with the same inane demands they usually level at their mother.

Today the kids and I let mummy sleep in, gave her breakfast in bed (porridge, fried egg, ham, toast and tea -(all prepared by the kids), waved her goodbye when she went for a coffee with her sister and mum, cooked her and my parents a spectacular lunch (pancakes, scrabbled eggs, crispy bacon, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes and her favourite spicy mint potatoes) and I even cleaned the toilet.

We were blessed with a visit from Great Grandma Mac today too, which was just lovely. I even managed to trick her into smiling for the camera. Yes, that's a smile.
Tracey did, however, manage to capture me ever so briefly
sneaking in a nap by camoflaging myself on our bed with
the cushions and pillows. Worked too - I heard Miss5
come looking for me and leave with no clue :)

Have just finished lunch dishes and now I need to start dinner, sweep the floors and burp the baby.

I intended having the kids out of their PJ's by lunch, but now I'm thinking if they stay in them it will save time tonight.

And what is it with cups and the little buggers needing a new one for every mouthful of water? Do the kids think I've got nothing better to do with my time than to wash them up? From now on the kids can drink straight from the tap, as nature intended.

Glad this is only once a year.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there. I hope you were as spoiled as you so richly deserve.

So that's what Mother's Day is around here, as opposed to Father's Day, which is about kneeing Dad in the nads when you wake him up and liquid lunches.

Now roll on Father's Day cause I need a beer  ;)

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