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Thursday, May 3, 2012

No Parking

Catching up with my mum at lunch time we were entertained by a lovely old bird who was parking her car.

Just as our BLT arrived the lady pulled up twenty meters from us in her tiny little car and began reverse parking. 

She began, went half a meter, stopped, looked around, began to reverse again, stopped, went forward, went backwards, forwards, stopped. 

She went to hop out of her car around this point but realized she was closer to the center of the road than the footpath.

Forwards, forwards, backwards, forwards, backwards, backwards - always in half meter increments. The spectacle went on and on as we suspended all conversation and sat eating and watching the show. Every time we thought she was finished the car would move again. Then stop.

Just as we finished our sandwiches (yes, she was shuffling around the parking spot for about fifteen minutes) she flicked on her indicator and slowly, in half meter bunny hops, she edged her way into traffic and drove off without having done whatever it was she'd come down town for.

Chuckling (uncharitably I admit) at the poor dear's parking difficulties, we wondered how the conversation might have gone when she arrived home.

"Did you get to the bank, dear?" we pictured her husband asking.

"No," she'll answer irritably. "I couldn't find a park anywhere."

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