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Saturday, May 26, 2012

My first Country Update magazine contribution

In March, Denise Torenbeek asked me to review artist Allan Caswell  for her Country Update magazine. She couldn't have found a better fit for me because he's written an album of kids songs and I have a hoard of them racing around the house making a mess. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found Allan to be a genuinely entertaining bloke. His kids' CD was pretty damn good too. You would probably recognize many of the songs because he wrote a lot of them with Playschool's Don Spencer, who has previously released them on his own CD's. Even I've heard of Bob The Kelpie.

"Sheep are cute, sheep are beaut
Sheep are soft and curly
When I take them into town
I have to start out early
Cause they never go the way I want
So I need someone to help me
I just give a whistle
And I call for Bob the kelpie"

I'm really chuffed to be included in such a fantastic magazine. It sounds a bit girly, but I may have squealed when Denise dropped a copy of the mag into my office. I'm telling myself I gave a happy chortle, but my memory is shaking it's head disbelievingly.

If you're into country music, it's worth a read. Especially the piece on page 38 :) Country Update Website

Issue 65 of Country Update goes on sale from 1st June in all good newsagencies. Or you can subscribe and never miss an issue.

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