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Monday, May 28, 2012

Fresh Spin

Miss2 was patting her big sister today. Or so she was insisting as she followed Miss5 around saying, "Pat! Pat! Pat!" every time she whacked her with a bat.

Being able to get your point of view across and communicate your opinion is important. Our oldest was a bit of a wiz at public speaking at school, and even now it serves him well - he's somehow managed to talk his way into a relationship with a beautiful young lady we're very fond of. Master20 says whenever they go out in Brisbane some bloke will inevitably look at her and then size him up and say, "She's with you? How the hell did that happen?"

Spin is something parents do all the time: "If you eat your crusts you'll have curly hair." Mind you, this only works if your kids actually want curly hair. Similarly, "Eat carrots so you can see in the dark," has limited power.

Not that we have much trouble getting our mob to eat: it's harder keeping them out of the fridge. But sometimes they take offence to something on their plate. I will point out when this happens I've found, "Shut your mouth and eat your food" just causes confusion - tends to end up with kids (lead by Tracey) trying to shove spoonfuls of food through pursed lips and ending up with food all over their faces.

Or maybe if they don't finish their dinner I should just reach for Miss2's bat to 'pat' their bums. 

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