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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dress Sense

I have no dress sense. I admit it. I'd happily wear the same six t-shirts for the rest of my life. If it gets cold I'll just throw on another t-shirt. Problem solved.

And my kids seem to be following in my footsteps.

But this is good. Because apparently kids should be allowed to dress themselves. It encourages free thinking and independence or some such. I love it when my kids dress up, and we have a huge dress-up box. But according to Tracey it shouldn't necessarily happen in public.

When I was courting my wife I would embarrass her by letting the now Miss17 (back when she was two) dress herself before we went into Tracey's work. Nothing would match. She'd have half the dress-up box on and she'd think she looked awesome.

It doesn't bother me how the kids are dressed when I take them down town. I've started insisting they wear shoes, but that's mainly because I'm sick of carrying them if the ground is hot or rough.

When Tracey goes downtown the kids are preened and brushed to within an inch of their life. Even their shoes match. Mind, I've gone to the shops, come home and finished an episode of Big Bang in less time than it takes Tracey to get out the door.

Pleasingly, it looks like the clothes horse gene is strong in my young kids as well. Master7, for example, would happily wear nothing but a singlet and undies all day, everyday, everywhere. 

I walked into Miss2's room this week and found she'd dressed herself for a nap. As you can see from the photo she'd gone off to sleep dressed in one half of every pajama set she has. 

I can't wait to take her shopping. Maybe we can go to Woolies and visit Nanny :)

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