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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We help a single mum in Ghana expand her retail yam business

Tonight Miss8 decided who we were going to help with our 31st KIVA loan. It took only a couple of minutes to come across Mary from Ghana. Miss8 was especially taken with Mary because she has four children she's raising alone. Also, she's selling big potatoes.

KIVA is a great way to encourage kids to think of people outside of their sphere, and how those people live. Tonight we discussed South America, Asia and Africa as we scrolled through the loans on offer.

"Mary sells tubers of yam at Adum Banso near Takoradi. She has been in this business for 3 years now. Mary is divorced and has 4 children. As a single parent, she uses her income for the general upkeep of her children. Mary will use her loan to purchase more tubers of yam to sell. With the new profit, she will expand her business."

Our KIVA account is now up to US$226 (added another couple of dollars tonight). With this money we've made 31 x US$25 loans - a total of US$775 we've loaned out to people whose circumstances don't usually allow them to access loans.

What I personally love about KIVA is I choose who I lend too (country, gender, sector) and I know every cent I put into this gets where I want it to go. And then, as the loans are repaid, I get it back to do it all over again!!

Free Trials of the KIVA experience are now on offer. No hard sell. No cost. No risk. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, scoot over and give it a go. LINK TO KIVA

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