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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Snow job

Tracey insisted on taking the photo in front of our wedding
shots so as to showcase how far I've fallen. I don't care
 how awful it looks - I like my beanie cause it's really warm :)
A friend recently returned from a trip to Lapland, Finland. While dog sledding and, presumably, making snowmen, the temperatures were a balmy -10 degrees. 

While not that low (yet), the temperatures have been tumbling lately, and because we live in the coldest house in G-town (by my wife's estimation) we have pulled out the onesies and the extra blankets. I even found my Canadian Club beanie - Tracey hates it, which makes it extra fun to wear and one of the highlights of the first frosts of winter. 

We found a nice deal at Harvey Norman on the weekend - flannel sheets for the girls room previously marked at $69.95 down to $50, which is nearly 30% off. 

Maybe we should tell the good people of Lapland so they can stock up. There's nothing better than snuggling into flannels when it's cold. 

Or so I thought.

Lapland is home to something like 3% of Finland's population. I mentioned to my mate it's a wonder anyone lives there at all.

He agreed. So much so he thought to ask a local. 

Chatting, through chattering teeth as it turned out, he asked a young Aussie woman who'd settled in Rovaniemi exactly that.

“Why would you want to live here?”

Her answer explains everything except Lapland's meager population.

“In summer, we fish and make love," she told him. It sounds like a great way to live. I eat fish. "In winter," she went on, "we don’t fish.”

I've already got the beanie: I wonder what Finland's immigration policy is like. 

Two sets of discount sheets to help keep the kids cosy.

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